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Museum of Yarmukian Culture

Region: Galilee and Golan      Category: Archaeological Museums     

Museum of Yarmukian Culture
Museum of Yarmukian Culture

The Museum at Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan is world famous for the number and quality of items displayed in it. The visitor gains a comprehensive picture of daily life as well as of the art and cult of 7.500 year old Neolithic farmersí village on the bank of the Yarmuk River. This culture was first unearthed in Shaar Hagolan and has been named the Yarmukian Culture. The largest assemblage of prehistoric art objects ever found in Israel comes from the site of Shaar Hagolan. The finds, which number of 150 items, include human figurines made of clay and pebbles, basalt pebbles incised with geometric patterns, and pendants. The village at Shaar Hagolan was one of the most important cultic and artistic centers in the Near East.


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