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Omer Open Museum

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Omer Open Museum
Omer Open Museum

The Omer Industrial Park, founded by Stef Wertheimer and opened in 1995, represents itís founderís vision of building a model park which fosters creative activity in industry, art, education, culture and nature. This combination of several aspects of life forms the basis for modern, creative and aesthetics conscious society. The Open Museum consists of two halls for changing exhibition of Israeli fine art. In addition, a sculpture garden is being developed on the parkís grounds.


Sculpture Garden

In the grounds of the Open Museum a sculpture garden is being set up, displaying works from the Museum collection. The collection includes works by the following artists: Ilan Averbuch Berlin Dome, 1994; Wheat in Berlin, 1987. Averbuch uses chiseled stone, wood and metal to create architectural structures that are, in fact, statues. He makes use of materials used in the past for other purposes, with the aim of creating a new poetics. Shelomo Selinger The 36 Righteous Men, 1975; The Binding of Isaac, 1978; The Woman Prisoner, 1970; Life, 1965. Selinger is famous for his large commemoration sites. He works mainly in granite, a hard rock that demands a high level of competence and determination. In most of his sculptures two figures are carved out of one piece of stone, creating the duality of combination and contrast. Assaf Lipschitz Untitled. Lipschitz was born into a family with a strong artistic tradition. He lives and works where he was born, Kibbutz Maoz Chaim Shlomo Schwarzberg Sundial, 1993. Born in Israel in 1956. Ofra Zimbalista Satellite Dish, 1999/2000. At first produced drawings and reliefs of the human body. In the 1980s she began to sculpt human figures. The figures in her later works are colored aluminum cast. The unusual positioning of the figures gives the spectator a feeling of peace and quietness, through the combination of fantasy and reality.

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