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The Yechiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Art Museums     

The Yechiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art
The Yechiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art

Museum was opened in 1988 and is the only museum in Israel devoted to the arts and crafts of the Far East. The museum is based on the collection of the Yechiel Nahari. The collection contains objects from almost every country in the Far East (China, Japan) ranging in fate from the 13th century to the 20th century. It contains Buddhist statuary from a number of countries, ceramics, prints and paintings, bronze vessels, swords, furniture, textile, and carvings in ivory, bamboo, wood and stone


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  • Opening hours
    sun  16:00 21:00
    mon 16:00 21:00
    tue  10:00 21:00
    wed 16:00 21:00
    thu  16:00 21:00
    fri  9:00 13:00
    sat  10:00 16:00
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    Enterance fee
  • Address
    18, Hibbat Zion St., Ramat-Gan
  • Location
    Near theatre
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