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The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Galleries and Artists Houses     

The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery

The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery is located near the main entrance to Tel-Aviv University. It was founded by Prof. Mordechai Omer and has been curated by him since the date of its foundation. The Gallery’s activities are devoted to changing thematical exhibitions. Each exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue - the result of academic research. The exhibitoins touch upon all aspects of art, though the promenance is given to Modern and Israeli Art. There are also exhibitions devoted to architecture, archealogy, literature, theatre, philosophy, photography. The Gallery is also a place of study for students specializing in Museology.


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Useful Information
  • Opening hours
    sun  11:00-19:00
    mon 11:00-19:00
    tue  11:00-19:00
    wed 11:00-19:00
    thu  11:00-19:00
    fri  10:00 -14:00
      For exhibitions dates please call the gallery, Tel: 03-6408860, 03-6407293
  • Admission
    Entrance free
  • Address
    Tel-Aviv university campus, Entin Square, gate 7, Haim Levanon st./ corner of Einstein st.
  • Location
    Ramat Aviv
  • Phone

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