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Beit-Hagefen Art Gallery

Region: Haifa and surroundings      Category: Galleries and Artists Houses     

Beit-Hagefen Art Gallery

Beit Hagefen, the Arab Jewish Center, operating on municipal, national and international level, was founded in 1963 in order to create a supporting atmosphere and a social and cultural meeting place for Jews and Arabs. Beit Hagefen sponsors a wide range of activities: Visitors Center, Arab Theater, Children’s Cultural Center and Library, Courses, Clubs and Art Gallery. Gallery exhibits art works, by Arab and Jewish artists, throughout the year and two major exhibitions (including art works route in Wadi Nisnas) during the two annual festivals: the “Holiday of Holidays” (Dec/Jan) and the “Arab Book and Culture Month” (May/Jun). Tens of thousands of visitors, per year, visit the Art Gallery as part of the Visitors Center.


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    sun  08:00-19:00
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    2 Hagefen St., Haifa
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