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Tel Aviv Artists House

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Galleries and Artists Houses     

The Tel Aviv Artists House was founded in 1948, to serve in the first place as an exhibition pavilion dedicated to uncovering and bringing to the fore new trends in local art and at the same time represent veteran artists in retrospectives of their life work. The three house galleries run monthly changing exhibitions. Other activities are art lectures, litography workshops, painting workshops, model drawing, an ARTA professional equipment store and Members Club.


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Useful Information
  • Opening hours
    mon 10:00-13:00/17:00-19:00
    tue  10:00-13:00/17:00-19:00
    wed 10:00-13:00/17:00-19:00
    thu  10:00-13:00/17:00-19:00
    fri  10:00-13:00
    sat  10.00-13.00
  • Admission
    Entrance free
  • Address
    9 Alharizi St., Tel Aviv
  • Phone

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