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Havayeda, Kiryat Gat

Region: South, Negev, Eilat      Category: Science and Technology Museums     

Havayeda, Kiryat Gat
Havayeda, Kiryat Gat
Havayeda, Kiryat Gat

The "Havayeda" is a small museum which deals with science, nature and technology. The museum is intended for kindergarten and elementry school children. The "Havayeda" enables the children to study natural phenomena and technological inventions in a challenging way. The study method includes games which set tasks and challenges that require the child to understand different rules, to collect information and use it. The children work in small groups or individually solving problems that challenge them. The activity in the "Havayeda" is divided into two parts: the museum area where there are appliances which deal with subjects like: optics, liquids, communication, mechanics and logic games; the laboratory where activities and experiments take place in many scientific subjects such as: chemistry, physics, optics, electricity, physiology etc.


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