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The Open Museum in Kibbutz Negba

Region: South, Negev, Eilat      Category: Historical Museums     

The Open Museum in Kibbutz Negba
The Open Museum in Kibbutz Negba

Kibbutz Negba invites you to a tour through history; starting with the first modern jewish settlement in the south of Israel – the reconstruction of the Tower and Stockade – and including the story of Negba’s stubborn resistance to the invading Egyptian Armies during the War of Independence. You can see here the IDF war memorial, the abandoned Egyptian tank, the shell scarred water-tower, and the first tractor to have ploughed the soil in this area. The Open Museum emphasizes major events of modern history of Israel: the Land Acquisition in 1930; the Immigration of the pioneers in 1933; the possession of the site in 1939; the War of Independence in which 150 defenders managed to hold off attacks by some 1000 soldiers of the Egyptian Army. And exhibition also relates to modern day Negba, a proud and optimistic kibbutz, that has found a successful mix of agriculture, industry and tourism.


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