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Kfar Tavor Village Museum

Region: Galilee and Golan      Category: Historical Museums     

Kfar Tavor Village Museum
Kfar Tavor Village Museum

Visitor’s Center is situated in the center of the village of Kfar Tavor (1901), resplendent in its beauty at the foot of Mount Tavor. Presenting the deeds of the pioneers of the first Aliya. Displays include the JCA and Baron de Rotchild foundations, Mount Tavor, village institutions, the Hashomer hut, synagogue and many other displays. Farmers Yard – authentic farmers homes, a documentary film depicting the lives of the first settlers, multimedia displays, farm animals, tabun, galleries and more.


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    sun  9:00-14:00
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    POB 321, Kfar Tavor, 15241
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    Near the main road, at nothern entrance to the village
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