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Physical education and sport exhibition in Israel

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

Physical education and sport exhibition in Israel
Physical education and sport exhibition in Israel

The permanent exhibition is aimed at documenting development of physical education and sport since the beginning of the past century to the present time. The first part is presented chronologically and in four chapters. The first chapter covers the Ottoman period, the second covers the British Mandate period, the third the period covering the 1930ís and 1940ís and the fourth chapter tracing the events over World War II, and the years prior to the foundation of the State of Israel. The second part is dedicated to the State of Israel and is displayed through various topics with the exception of the first three years after the creation of the State (1948-1951), as these are shown in a separate section in order to describe the early development in this period (up to the establishment of the national sports institutions). At the end of the exhibition there is a special State-of-Israel-Sports-Stamp Collection, and a selection of original caricatures of popular Israeli sportsmen.


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