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Castra Cultural Center

Region: Haifa and surroundings      Category: Galleries and Artists Houses     

Castra Cultural Center
Castra Cultural Center

Castra Center is situated near the south entrance to Haifa, opposite to the Congress Center. The aim of Castra Center is to combine arts, entertainments and shopping. The Danker’s family, initiators of the project, supposed to create here the place suitable for painters, the place where they can work and sale their works. The building itself is the work of Arick Braur, the Austrian professor of arts. The biggest wall mosaic in the world on Bible’s stories is presented in Castra. You can have a great time here, shopping, visiting different exhibitions in galleries and museums. You can also enjoy in various restaurants and cafes. The organized excursion can be ordered before hand. I.C.U. – international cultural union – is producing and curating all kinds of exhibitions in Castra Center.


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