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Located at the heart the Zoological Park is the "Muzoologi". It contains many exhibits of fauna, some extremely rare, in which three branches of the animal kingdom, birds, mammals and reptiles are displayed. Numerous stuffed specimens, a collection of birds’ nests from around the world and many eggs, beaks and skeletons. Of the more unusual exhibits are a sea turtle’s shield, a dolphin’s tail and a rib and portion of the spine of a whale. The phylum Mollusk is represented by a collection of over 11,000 different specimens from 30 countries around the globe. The collection was donated by the late Ephraim Dvir. The zoological garden itself has a wide range of animals representing many species.


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  • Opening hours
    sun  10:00-16:00
    mon 10:00-16:00
    tue  10:00-16:00
    wed 10:00-16:00
    thu  10:00-16:00
    fri  10:00-14:00
    sat  10:00-16:00
      A guided tour is available to groups on advance notice
  • Admission
    The entrance fee is 22 NIS on sat. and holydays.18 NIS on weekdays.
  • Address
    Zoo garden, kibbutz Magen, postal code 85465
  • Location
    Kibbutz Magen
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