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The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum

Region: Jerusalem and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum
The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum
The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum

The tour of the museum starts in the streets of Brisk, the town where Begin was born, continues to Warsaw where he studied, and in Vilna where he was arrested and sent to a Soviet prison camp. From there visitors continue to the secret headquarters of the Irgun where actions were planned against the British Mandatory government. Then on to the period when Begin was the leader of the Opposition, where visitors may experience the main events that shaped the State of Israel, be part of the election rally listening to Beginís famous speeches, and be present on the eve of the Likud victory in 1977. Visitors finish the tour in a spectacular audio-visual display summarizing Menachem Beginís role as the 6th Prime Minister of Israel. The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum is rich in content and historical drama. You can see the reconstruction of Menachem Beginís private residence at 1 Rosenbaum Street, Tel Aviv; rare documents; recently discovered films and pictures; and much more.


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