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Juara museum

Region: Haifa and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

Juara museum
Juara museum
Juara museum

Juara museum is located in a building dating from the Ottoman period situated in a gadna (youth corps) military camp in Ramat Menashe in northern Israel. The museum recounts the story of the training of the Hagannah (pre-state underground defense organization) members for positions of command throughout the years of the organization`s activity. The visitor observes an exhibit illustrating the officers` training course of that period, the spirit of volunteering, and the importance of training an army for the state in the making. The museum exhibit includes: passage through a military parade opening the officers` training course, a film on the period of the British Mandate, a display of the names of graduates of the Hagannah officers` training course throughout the years, an exhibit on "A Day in Juara" demonstrating a day in the officers` training course in the days of the Hagannah, and a description of the Mishmar Ha`emek battle which took place in April 1948.


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    Juara Gadna Military Base, near Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
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    Near Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
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