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Beit Fisher

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Beit Fisher
Beit Fisher
Beit Fisher

The Municipal Museum of the history of Kiryat Ata is being established in the house of Fisher. This building,which was built towards the end of the 19th century, was the central building in the whole village called KFARTA. At the early days of Kfar Ata, the Muchtar, chief of the village, named Yehoshua Fisher lived here. He was the leader of the renewed Jewish settlement movement. After his death, he left the house in behalf of "TOM" association for the purpose of community activities. The Municipality of Kiryat-Ata and "TOM" association renovated the building , in which the Municipal Museum and the “Maalot Hagiborim” synagogue reside. In the Museum there are many items, with which we teach about the first settlers’ life, at home and outdoors in the fields as well. In the central hall of the Museum there is an exhibition named “From the Bird’s Eye”. Pictures taken, throughout the years 1945-2003, from up above the city, telling the story of the development of the city. The archive includes many documents, cassettes, pictures and memoirs of the first builders of this settlement, aside actual material based on publishing in the local newspapers ,and on community documentation, done mostly by volunteers and pupils’ works written under the title: YI, which means “Young Investigators”. At the Pedagogic Center there is a deductive material connected to the history of the city such as: articals, informasion pages, room games, outdoor games, activity papers, riddles, suggestions to educational projects and films which show the history of the place since it was first settled, some five thousand years ago. All this material is available for the educational sector , as well as for all the citizens of the town, who make use of it very often. The “Cathedral of Investing the city’s History “ continues in collecting, preserving, documenting, photographing and memorizing all that concerns the history of the city, including encouraging investigations in various fields such as: historical geography, muzeulogy, sociology and communication. Outer connections centralize mainly in the field of heritage at the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education in the Ministry of Environmental Services, the Museums’ Center at the Ministry of Science, the Organization of Nature Preservation, The Authority of Antiquities, and The Council of Preserving Buildings and Settlements Sites.


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