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Elsaraya – Art and Culture Gallery

Region: Galilee and Golan      Category: Art Museums     

Elsaraya – Art and Culture Gallery
Elsaraya – Art and Culture Gallery

Elsaraya – Art and Culture Gallery – founded in 2006 in the city of Nazareth. Its main cause is to increase local and global awareness of the city of Nazareth while uncovering its cultural, social, and historical values and to show that Nazareth is a symbol of the co-existence between the three religions in the country. The Gallery is dwelled in a house built between the years 1880 – 1890. It is considered as the most beautiful place in the city. At the time, it served as the home of Daher El-Omar. The house is decorated with wooden ceiling painted in an Arabic style and artistic paintings made from oil. They are characterized with beauty and quality. The exhibition titles at the Gallery frequently change. Today, the exhibition that is being displayed is “Orr 2006” (or Light 2006) where many artistic pieces are being displayed by artists who made it to the final round


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    El-Bishara Street 21, Nazareth
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    off of the Annunciation Church and across the Terra Santa Clock Tower
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