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Ethnography Center of Acre and the Galilee

Region: Haifa and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

Ethnography Center of Acre and the Galilee
Ethnography Center of Acre and the Galilee
Ethnography Center of Acre and the Galilee

The ethnical center is divided into two sections: The first part is dedicated to recreating a nineteenth century market place, the other to private collectors and their collections. The market place offers visitors a unique opportunity to go back in time and walk through the Galilee the way it used to look over a hundred years ago. The focus is on recreating typical artisan shops and crafts: the hat maker’s shop with his authentic work equipments, alongside the wood worker/carpenter, the blacksmith, Jeweler, Pharmacist and more. The second section of the center hosts an original Damascene living room, shell inlayed, containing a samovar (hot water vessel, for tea), baring a personal inscription to the Sultan Ahmad el Jasar himself. In this section you will also be able to find collections of periodic religious artifacts, lanterns, locks and bells, as well as a changing exhibition by private collectors. The grounds also boast a beautiful garden located in the inner terrace.


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