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The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Art Museums     

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum
The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum
The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, located at the Israeli Diamond Center in Ramat Gan, is a showcase of the diamond industry in Israel that is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2008. The museum has reopened after a renovation and complete redesign, using modern and sophisticated means of exhibition. The museumís mission is to introduce the mysterious and magical world of the diamond to the public. Inside the museum visitors experience a virtual journey that allows them to meet experts in different areas and learn about the diamondís formation, mining methods and manufacturing process from the rough stone to a polished gem. Industry trading practices, diamond attributes applications in jewelry and different fields in the industry are also revealed to visitors. During the tour, the visitors are introduced to the fascinating journey which describes the diamondís route from deep in ground to its setting in jewelry and accessories - a journey from the depths of the earth to the heart of mankind. The story of the diamond and the Israeli Diamond Industry is demonstrated through various means which combine exhibits, interactive stands, video and multimedia. Together they provide the visitors an interactive experience that expresses the ultimate beauty and brilliance of the most precious mineral in the world - the diamond. The exhibition in the museum also focuses on the Jewish and Israeli aspect of the diamond industry and emphasizes the unique combination in this industry between history and tradition and the need of adjustment to time changes and technology innovations. The temporary exhibitions light up each time a different aspect of the diamond world and provide a wonderful tool which displays the culture, mystery and luxury that characterize the world of gem stones and jewelry, the attaching tool between the human being and his adorable object of love- the diamond.


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