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The Museum of Israeli art , Ramat-Gan

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Art Museums     

The Museum of Israeli art , Ramat-Gan
The Museum of Israeli art , Ramat-Gan
The Museum of Israeli art , Ramat-Gan

The Museum of Israeli art was established in 1987 and this is the only museum that dedicated himself only to the Israeli art. Every year we are exhibiting 24 exhibitions 12 exhibitions are major exhibitions and 12 are small exhibitions that we put on display every first Friday of the month. The museum of Israeli art, Ramat Gan is exhibiting 6 fields of art. Painting, sculpturing, photography, video and 2 and 3 dimension design. We conduct a guided tour program with high skilled guides. The museum collection has 2100 items and more than 30 thousand are visiting the museum every year. Every exhibition is accompanied with a catalogue and the museum has published 300 catalogs to this day.


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