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Hosmasa Museum

Region: Tel-Aviv and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

Hosmasa Museum

In a small grove on a green hill with benches, there is a site which tells the story of the guarding of Holon and its surroundings during the independence war prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. This site, located west of Kiryat Sharet and bordering the sand dunes was in the past, the only view of the area. In this sandy area "Hagana" members from Tel Aviv and the area trained and experimented with weapons and guarded "Derech Habitachon"- the security road. This site includes an old well which was deepened on the 1930s still supplies water for the city of Holon. This well was a "Slik" - a hiding place for weapons. The building was built in an international style, known as "Bauhaus". The observation tower on the building served for signaling communications, accomplished by Morse code, heliograph and semaphore signaling, Different kind of trees and a display of weapons and hiding places known as "Sliks", can be found in the garden surrounding the building The museum will reopen its doors with a new exhibit in the beginning of October 2009.


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