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Islamic Museum of the Temple Mount

Region: Jerusalem and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

Islamic Museum of the Temple Mount

The Museum of the Islam depicts the culture & heritage of the Islam. It is divided to several wings: Art, Koran books, architectural items, etc. A unique display of architectural remains help document the history of the adjacent Al-Aqsa Mosque, including great capitols removed from the Mosque during the renovations of 1938-42. The museum building was once a Mosque held sacred by Muslim pilgrims from the "Maghreb" - North Africa - after whom the nearby gate to the Temple Mount is named. One of the country’s oldest museums, it houses an extensive Koran collection, Islamic ceramics, coins and glassware. It also features a large collection of guns, swords and daggers.


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  • Opening hours
    mon 08:00-11:30
    tue  08:00-11:30
    wed 08:00-11:30
    thu  08:00-11:30
    sat  08:00-11:30 / 14:00-16:00
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    Entrance fee
  • Address
    Temple Mount, Old City of Jerusalem
  • Location
    Entrance is near Western Wall
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