Anadrol’s Past, Present, And Future

Anadrol steroids have initially been produced to help people with certain diseases, namely anemia and other diseases and disorders where weight loss is a problem. The weight loss concern was not fatty tissue, but bone and muscular tissue. It was discovered that the Anadrol steroid molecule had many more uses than initially planned.

It increases red blood cell count, which delivers oxygen to the muscles, allowing mass muscle growth. It increases appetite also. It is used to treat too many diseases and disorders to list here. We are more interested in what you are going to learn about this steroid and what you are going to do with it.


The steroid hormone was altered so that they could produce Anadrol tablets, or Adrol pills, as some call them. That means that the steroid passes through the liver unchanged, and can be assimilated throughout the entire body. That, in short, means that every muscle in your body begins to burn a little fat and grow a little stronger. That makes Androl 50 the perfect all-around steroid for performance enhancement. Anadrol is used by a higher aggregate of athletes than any other steroid.

A typical athlete on an Anadrol 50 cycle will run it for about six weeks. That is a lot of Anadrol pills. For someone to do that, they must know where they can find Anadrol for sale pretty easily. Since so many people take and buy Anadrol, you might wonder where they get it. It certainly is not available at your local convenience store. They buy Anadrol online. They get their Anadrol pills from a few web sites that sell the steroid hormones.

As we said, athletes of all types use this anabolic steroid. The tremendous gains from the use of this steroid last about three weeks, and at that time, even if you take more, there is a noticeable decline in the benefits from it. To get the most of anabolic steroids, it might be wise to use it for three weeks and then stop using it for three weeks.

This anabolic steroid increases blood pressure and causes a headache now and then. That does not indicate that it is a lousy steroid; it just means that it is something that you must deal with. When headache symptoms occur, do not take over the counter headache medication. Cease using the steroid, and that headache will disappear in a short time. Problems while using this steroid are rare, but it does occur.

Female estrogenic side effects are seldom reported with the use of this steroid. The results are from another steroid in the body taken with this one. In other words, we can not find any evidence that this will cause water retention or gynecomastia (growth of female breasts).

This steroid may affect the liver. Do not take your favorite nighttime sleep aid or headache medicine while using this or any steroid. Forget those over the counter medications for a while. Do not mix them with the use of steroids.