The Famous And Infamous Winstrol

If anyone who knows nearly nothing about steroids, and they were asked to name just one steroid, they would name Winstrol steroid. The reason for that is that this steroid made international headlines in 1988 during the Olympics. A runner had won several gold medals at the Olympics, breaking a world record. When he was tested for drugs, Winstrol steroids were found in his system.

Winstrol is one of the most common and well-known steroids because of those headlines. It is used extensively as a performance-enhancing drug. It alone, as an anabolic steroid, has been the cause of headlines in sports several times. That has given the steroid a bad name in the public’s eyes, but in the eyes of athletes, it is a champion steroid.

Swimmers and runners use it, wrestlers and ballplayers — name it, the sportsmen have done it. And, they will continue to do it. It just depends on how. Sometimes it is injected, like with bodybuilders who inject it directly into the muscle. They know where and how to buy Winstrol reasonably quickly. Other athletes will have to buy Winstrol online and buy Winstrol tablets. Injecting it directly into a muscle makes no sound with this drug for performance enhancement. Bodybuilders only inject it to cut tissue in a cutting stack or cycle.


That is one of the few anabolic steroids that can safely be used by men and women both, and they use it a lot. When they look for Winstrol for sale, they are looking to buy Winstrol pills, not usually the liquid form. However, women who take this steroid may find that body hair growth will be a problem, and enlargement of the clitoris may occur. These effects do not always happen, but if they do, they will disappear with the cessation of the use of the steroid.

In medicine, Winstrol is an excellent treatment for osteoporosis and edema. Doctors prescribe it for this without question. It is illegal for any other use, according to the rules put forth by the FDA. But no one is paying attention when people buy Winstrol online. Most of the Winstrol taken today is with tablets or pills.

Here is one of those cold, rare steroids that do not cause gynecomastia, the enlargement of male breasts. Water retention is no problem with it, either, though it is with most other steroids. Rising blood pressure might be a result of taking this steroid. If you have raised blood pressure, you must be very careful in using this or any other steroid.

Acne is a possibility, but only among those who are predisposed to it. Loss of hair on the head is likely among those whose genetic makeup includes male pattern baldness. Both of these symptoms disappear with the cessation of the steroid.

To keep your liver healthy if taking the pills, cease after 6 to 8 weeks of use, and use a different steroid or stop altogether. Never take medicines from a convenience market shelf with any steroids.