Some Shocking Steroid Consequences

The world of steroids has been praised and ripped apart over the years, with this back and forth seemingly never coming to an end. While there are a plethora of simply great reasons behind using steroids, we are not going to be looking at them going further. What we are going to be looking at further is some of the more shocking consequences, because there are quite a few shockers on this list. So, now grab your favorite chair and your favorite snack food, because it is time to look at some of those shocking consequences of steroid usage.

#1: Turtle Shell Belly

This is a condition that was made popular by veteran bodybuilder Markus Ruhl, who is now older and the consequences of using the stuff has given his midsection the look of an oversized turtle shell.

#2: Gynecomastia

There is no doubt about it that Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, but as his muscles continued to get bigger and bigger, so did his breast, to the point that he developed female like breasts in a condition known as gynecomastia.

#3: Multiple Organ Failure

The story of Matthew Dear is the biggest reason this one is on the list because this man wanted to be a part of the Royal Marines (United Kingdom), so he decided that using lots of steroids in a short amount of time was the best way to bulk up. This plan backfired in a truly terrible way as he passed away from the majority of his organs failing and brain swelling, this is a cautionary tale because using steroids to quickly has drastic consequences.

#4: Teen Suicides

The usual recommendation for steroid use is to wait at least until you are eighteen years old to use the stuff, because using them at a younger age has terrible consequences. Multiple studies over the years showed that people who were under the age of eighteen years old suffered from more suicides from steroid usage than any other age group, the lesson here is to at least wait until you are eighteen to use everything.

#5: Infected Biceps

Infections can happen to anybody who uses steroids incorrectly, but the case of Greg Valentino is the most popular of the cautionary tales. This man was known at one point as having the largest biceps in all the world, but his increasingly rabid steroid use for his biceps lead to bicep infections, which would later cause his biceps to literally explode.

#6: Potential Sex Change

This one is the final one on the list, but it needs to be on here because of the story of a bodybuilder by the name of Candice Armstrong. Candice was once a thin and young blonde woman, but rampant steroid usage and lots of incorrect steroid usage caused the once proud young woman to not only develop male like characteristics, which would eventually turn her into a him, which may be one of the biggest reasons to be careful when using the stuff.